'N Tha Mix' Delivers Best Songs Movies to Punch Media

Punch Television Studios is pleased to present the premiere of its best audio show, “N Tha Mix.”

The musical variety clearly show initially aired on December 27, 2017 and featured the tunes planet’s most widely used musicians from Cardi B to Chris Brown.

Each 7 days, the series will demonstrate 10 of several of the top audio films out at the more info moment.

“N Tha Mix” offers music supporters a “entrance-row seat” of their dwelling rooms to read more find out and listen to their most loved musicians like by no means ahead of. The clearly show will feature the latest and punch tv the greatest songs movies on the market.

“N Tha Combine” airs every single Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. on Punch TV or you are able to stream it live here: https://www.punchtvstudios.com/watch-live/.

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